Project summary

Created: 2021.01.25. 11:13

Project Title: More thanworthit: Recycling of theculturalheritage of Backa

Acronym: SALVAGE

Project ID: HUSRB/1903/33/0103

Total Project budget: 220 475,5 euro

EU contribution (IPA): 187 404,17 euro

Start Date: 01.12. 2020

End Date: 31.05. 2022

Lead Beneficiary: Türr István Museum, Baja

Beneficiary 1: University of Novi Sad Hungarian Language Teacher Training Faculty, Subotica

Beneficiary 2: Institute for Hungarian Culture in Vojvodina, Senta



Address: Deák Ferenc street 1, 6500 Baja

Contactperson: Emilia Pasztor


Telephone: +36 30 207 0057


Project summary:


Traditional folk knowledge is a treasure trove for sustainable development.

We want to open this treasure chest and offer a new, endless source of opportunities for tourism, education that serves sustainable development and through the implementation of the project, strengthen the cooperation on cultural heritage between three professional institutes. This is the main objective of the project.

We believe that the rural heritage we share is a resource that can offers a number of potential, yet unexplored solutions to the crises of our modern world. We can draw ideas from our past, from the experiences and practical thinking of our predecessors. From time to time, nature and traditions bring about respect, originality and thrift. With this project, we want to show the values of traditional communities that have been forgotten over the past centuries: the hidden treasures of ethno-lore, professional knowledge-traditions and regeneration retained in the rural world, which can be revived with patience and humility. The activities we aim to carry out, through the cooperation of TIM, MTTK and ZaVKM, put tourists as a priority.

In the ETHNO LORE and TOURISM group, we create a unique exhibition, titled ‘Recycling through millennia’, organize a competition of recycled clothes for a fashion show and a fair for recycled products where you can buy these revived treasures. We attract visitors with special craft performances at town festivals and warmly welcome families to enjoy our Family Days. People will be able to get timely information on our programs through our new mobile application.

In the RESEARCH of ETHNO LORE, we carry out research not only in libraries but by conducting interviews with people who still keep this treasured knowledge in their memories. From all this, we aim to build a database that would serve as an inventory of our shared, multicultural, intangible heritage; and also create an online museum guide, write a book to share this treasure with everybody. In ETHNO LORE and EDUCATION group, we organise recycling-themed craft workshops and recycling-themed youth camp to educate a heritage-conscious generation. We also organise trainings for teachers to help us in our mission. We don't forget about heritage professionals either. We organise an international conference on recycling to offer factual, science-based information for sustainable development.

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