Módszertani Közlöny

The Módszertani Közlöny (Journal of Methodology) is a periodical of the Hungarian Language Teacher Training Faculty in Subotica, University of Novi Sad. The journal publishes original studies, professional articles and translations about educational-methodological issues, according to the profile of the institution. It also releases articles and essays written by practicing public school teachers and students.

Topics and approaches reflect on the continuously growing educational structure and multidisciplinary character of the Faculty. Among others, growing number of educational programs also demands a wide range of methodological-educational approaches, related to different fields of science, while respecting the specific nature and autonomy of each discipline, as well as its specific knowledge and facts, both theoretical and practical.

The periodical is all about specialized methodology. According to its editorial policy, the journal supports and according to its resources helps establishing and nourishing contacts among professionals active in different fields of science. This kind of transmission and exchange of knowledge is for the mutual benefit of all participating sides, contributing to scientific achievements as well as educational practice. Education and training aims at improving knowledge and competences, and its whole context may be developed this way, while making it more efficient, functional and reaching a higher level.

The Módszertani Közlöny (Journal of Methodology) is a reviewed periodical. According to the list of scientific journals referred to by the Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, it is a publication type M53.

Dr. Ottó Beke
Prof. dr. Éva Borsos

Módszertani Közlöny (M53)


2010 Vol 1. Num 1.
2012 Vol 2. Num 1.
2013 Vol 3. Num 1.
2014 Vol 4. Num 1.
2015 Vol 5. Num 1.
2016 Vol 6. Num 1.
2017 Vol 7. Num 1.
2018 Vol 8. Num 1.
2019 Vol 9. Num 1.
2020 Vol 10. Num 1.
2021 Vol 11. Num 1.

2022 Vol 12. Num 1.
2023 Vol 13. Num 1.


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